Little Munchkin Digital - The Little Munchkins

Hi, I'm Natasha ...

I became a web developer and business owner in a fairly roundabout way. I have a background in software development, but left the IT world for 15 years to pursue a career in medical research. I loved working in science and making new discoveries, but it didn’t allow me the flexibility to balance my work and home life.

I have two young children (the Little Munchkins) who will always be my priority. They were also my inspiration for starting my own business. I want to show my children that I can run a successful business and be a good mother as well.

Providing a strong educational foundation is so important for children, and I want my own children to have the skillset to reach for the stars. This is why Little Munchkin Digital is committed to helping schools show their potential to the digital community.

Let us help you and your school

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If you have any further enquiries, feel free to email us at hello@littlemunchkindigital.com.au