Parent portals are a fantastic way to safely and effectively communicate with families of current students. Whilst there are many out-of-the-box portal solutions available on the market, they often offer features that are unnecessary, or are lacking that special requirement that you are looking for.

Little Munchkin Digital can design and develop a customised parent portal that specifically addresses your school’s unique needs. Features that you may need in your own school’s customised parent portal include, but are not limited to: 

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Private Blog

There is always something interesting and exciting to share in your child’s busy school classroom. Little Munchkin Digital provide an easy to use, intuitive system to allow teachers to update their class’s blog. Safe and secure, and only visible to the parents of a class.

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Parents absolutely love seeing their children in situ – interacting with nature, their teachers and their fellow classmates. Little Munchkin Digital provides a simple way to update photos and videos for parents to view exclusively.

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Message board

Often parents are in a rush during school pick-up and drop-off and rarely have time to get to know the other parents in their child’s class. A message board is a fantastic way for parents within your child’s class to get to know one another.

Communication between parents and teachers is vital to enhance a child’s learning experience. A message board between parents and their child’s teacher allows for open discussion into their child’s learning.

If your school is seeking a more bespoke feature in your parent portal, Little Munchkin Digital is here to help. With a solid background in design and development, we are more than equipped to provide you with a customised solution.

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