WordPress is an awesome tool for creating beautiful school websites. Also designed as a content management system, WordPress emphasises client ease-of-use, accessibility, performance and security. Little Munchkin Digital uses WordPress to create school websites because, with the right training, it empowers and encourages schools to easily and regularly update their online presence.

We understand that strengthening the communication between your school and prospective families is crucial for enrolling suitable new students. Little Munchkin Digital wants to make this as easy for you as possible! So what can WordPress do for your school?

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Easily Add and Edit Content

With custom templates, adding a single page or even an entire new section to your school website is easy with intuitive WordPress page builders. Adding media such as videos and images is as simple as drag-and-drop.

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Update your school blog

Keeping parents abreast of the latest school events and results is one of the most important ways of engaging families. Updating the school blog uses the same intuitive interface as adding and editing content.

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WordPress seamlessly integrates with email marketing platforms such as MailChimp. Build your newsletter database by having sign-up forms on your school website.

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Payment systems such as PayPal and Stripe can be integrated into your WordPress website to allow parents to safely, securely and conveniently make fee payments.

Sounds good? Then we’d love to help!

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